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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Remnant Cardigan

I finally got the buttonholes and buttons done on the little cardigan, which I made from a strange shaped remant of fabric. This is a sort of stretch lace with boucle fabric, the lace part is black and the boucle bits are cream and caramel. I've used textured black, cream and caramel buttons and continued them up and around the neckline for fun.... The first 5 button, and the other 5 are just for decoration.

Here it is styled with tan blouse and black necklace.

Meanwhile I went through the less interesting boxes of fabric and pulled a few pieces out, including some scraps of black and silver mesh knit which would work well with the black and silver stars fabric.
We will see how it works out.


Jenni said...

Nice cardigan and a good colour for your wardrobe. Glad the button holes finally behaved themselves for you.

gwensews said...

Terrific cardigan. You always do good on these SWAPS. Nice work!

Debbie Cook said...

Love that fabric! The background looks sort of orange/rust to me and seeing that color with the cardi makes me think it would be a great contrast solid piece (skirt/pants/dress?). Maybe something to add to both it and your Amber Glow collection? Or you can tell me to just shut up. lol