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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jacket Plans

I haven't ever really managed to make a jacket that actually fitted. However my fairly recent discovery that I have a forward head has been quite a revelation, and I now know how to alter patterns for knit tops, knit dresses and cardigan type jackets to fit better. This is good.
My woven jackets have always been a bit hit and miss, but armed with my various new wedge alterations I thought I'd start with a simple collarless jacket. Because I have worked out on my tops what to do with Simplicity/New Look patterns, plan to use a Simplicty pattern.

A bit of a trawl through my pattern stash resulted in finding Simplicity 4194, and my original plan was to use the short jacket from this pattern
Then I had a look through some of the already selected patterns on my sewing table and found I had Simplicity 4081. I decided this was going to be a better choice and will be working on View B (the red jacket) though without the detailing. This doesn't have a centre back seam so I shall need to add one.


Ruth said...

Have you decided on the fabric yet? I like the styling of your jacket choice - vintage, yet modern. I've made a few fitted and tailored jackets and would recommend a natural fibre like wool as you can steam shrink out any wrinkle and crinkles.

pdiddly said...


how did you discover you had a forward head??? I like the vintage inspired red jacket - look forward to seeing it made up.

Ruthie said...

The ladies at the London weekend pointed it out, and I already knew I needed something but hadn't quite worked it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's interesting that you found it was a foward head issue and not a shoulder issue. Does that alteration require a CB seam or can you modify the central panel? I'd make a muslin anyway I think.

Now, must get back to my soon-to-be-TNT skirt.

Ruthie said...

Yes it forward head, not rotated shoulder. It really does need a centre back seam for the simplest alteration.

Jenni said...

oooh, fabulous jacket. Really looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

Sharon said...

Wonderful jacket patterns and look forward to seeing it come together.