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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Image Magazine

My Image Magazine has arrived.
I ordered both Winter 2001/2012 (above) and Summer 2011 and am very pleased they have come so quickly.
I wonder what I shall try first!

This is a Dutch magazine and as far as I can tell is only available in a few fabric shops in Holland and Germany, but nowhere else, so yes if you want to order it use the links above to go to their website. You can use your credit card to pay via Paypal as a guest and they will ship anywhere in the world.


♥ Medea ♥ said...

Thanks for info about this magazine. I just order these three latest issues. Look forward to see what you'll sew.

Bri said...

I've never heard of this magazine before, is it only available to order online or could I find it at the shops?