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Monday, 14 November 2011

Real Ruthie

Whilst not the most flattering photo ever, here's a photo my mum took of me when I was out walking the canal with my parents the weekend before last. It is so great being able to spend some time with them now I am nearer.
Dad sent cryptic instructions to meet at a certain location, I then drove them to another location, we then walked back along the canal to their car, then drove back to my car and then went back to our respective homes. Complicated but actually worked really well.
Here's mum and dad as taken by me. (see lock mechanism in the background).
They've been so good to me :-)


gwensews said...

Parents are so precious and special. Enjoy them all you can, while you can.

Jenni said...

Parents are just the best. You have your mum's smile you know, and it lights up both your faces. Its clear to see the love you all have for each other.

Janine said...

That`s a lovely happy smile. You are very lucky to have such supportive parents.

pdiddly said...

I agree with Jenni you do have your mum's smile. Make the most of them, I miss mine a great deal