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Friday, 11 November 2011

More fabric purchases

As you might have noticed from reading my blog I am a bit short of fabric (hahahahahaha NOT). Anyway I was surprised to discover I didn't have any plain black jersey, and I wanted some black leggings to wear with boots plus some leftovers for other nefarious sewing purposes.

On this basis I went to town at lunchtime, and discovered what I thought was a carpet shop with a few rolls of fabric, has loads more fabric upstairs (which I thought was a storage room). This was good. I found the plain black jersey and bought 3 metres of it. I also bought 2 metres of coral pink jersey, 1.5 metres of cream jersey with a brown leaf print and 5 metres of striped black washable suiting to make separates. I came back to work very happy!

I suppose you would like a picture of the goodies?

OK here goes :-)


sdBev said...

Oh Ruthie, I've been doing some of the same. I have many lovely, wonderful fabrics. But am devoid of basics. OK not all basics, but the point is, yes we all need to stash our basics and neutrals.

kbenco said...

How nice to find a "new" fabric shop.My rather large fabric stash is quite lacking in cotton voiles and lawns - so I know that sometimes you need more fabric for solid, sensible reasons rather than because you fancy it (though that is OK too!). These look just the ticket, but the one I rather fancy is the print jersey - is it a cotton or rayon?

Ruthie said...

Not sure Karen they don't label the fabric content. It's only a 2 way stretch and made by John Kaldor.

pdiddly said...

Nice selection of fabric Ruthie - I am a bit like you don't really have any fabric (not) but can't stop myself buying either.

Medea said...

Wow, how lovely to find a new fabric store.