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Monday, 23 January 2012

The Artist's Way

I've done two weeks now of the Artist's Way and am finding it simultaneously hard going and very productive.
The very first week something unlocked in my brain and I rewrote my internal CV (resume) describing myself in a much more creative (and true to myself) way in the opening paragraph. I then used this to apply for an internal job, which after 2 interviews (one by phone, the other in person) they decided to offer and I accepted. The descriptions of my actual work experience and qualifications remained unchanged, so it shows that intro bit really matters!
I'm now in handover mode as I wind down the old job and then begin to learn the new one.
Not quite what I was expecting from a course in creativity :-)
However I really love the field I work in and want to bring creativity into that, so this feels right if  a little scary.
I suppose I anticipated the impact would come in my sewing, photography or various crafts, so the creative spark coming in my work took me slightly by surprise.
I'm very excited that there are now 150 followers of this blog. Wow! Thank you all. I am humbled and encouraged that you want to see my projects.
I shall continue to sew as much as is feasible along with everything else and share the results here.
I do have some plans, but opening the door to being more creative may well change those as I learn and grow :-)
I'd still quite like the direction to include lots of hill walking, wardrobe sewing and things for the Craft Fayre, but maybe there's some other fun things waiting for me as well.

The rainbow is there because there was a great one on my way to work this morning. I enjoyed it as much as I could whilst still driving safely. I know rainbows are a little hackneyed, but they do bring me such joy every time I see one - all those pretty colours and almost always on a dismal day!


RhondaBuss said...

Hey Ruthie, so glad to see your blog today. I was a little worried when I didn't hear from you yesterday. You're doing great!! So happy for you.

Sherril said...

I bought the book on Rhonda's recommendation and it arrived this weekend. I haven't started reading it, but plan to set some time aside tonight. I hope to get writing my pages by Wednesday morning. I'm very encouraged by your good news, congratulations Ruthie.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on the new job, and love the way your creative side helped get you over the mark.

Lynda Sewing and other things. said...

That has been on my wish list at Amazon for a while. Because it's done so well for you, I just ordered one for me and one for my hubby too.
That's fantastic that it is helping you create in other areas of your life that are unexpected!
Thanks for the referral!

Ruthie said...

Sherril and Linda, hope you get as much from this as I have done. I've also ordered a used copy of the version for use at work since that's the direction things are going at the moment. I'm looking forward to the impact on other areas.

velosewer said...

All the best to you Ruthie. Enjoy the journey.

shams said...

That is pretty amazing, Ruthie, to have such immediate results. It shows that you were truly ready for this. Congrats!!

pdiddly said...

congratulations on your new job - good luck

Ginger said...

Congratulations! Sometimes change in one area is the best spark for creativity in other areas, too

Ginger said...

And, BTW, I LOVE the way you mix your colors. I think you sew with colors you love whether they fit on some color analysis palette for you or not. I'm thinking of that lime green capsule -- that color probably isn't on ANY color analyst swatch fan but I think when you wear colors you love, you're going to look beautiful anyway!

Love watching you sew!