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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sweater Set

Remember the drape front cardigan? It's now a sweater set as I sewed a little knit top out of the same sweater knit to go under it. This came out quite well, and I really utilised the fabric carefully, having only teeny weeny scraps left over.
Tip if you want to make a sweater set, cut both garments out at the same time to make sure they fit onto the fabric. I interlocked the pattern tissue pieces and also realised I needed to shorten the top slightly so it didn't show longer than the cardi.


Jenny said...

Pretty! I'm sure those pieces will get lots of wear.

Doobee64 said...

Another winner, or two...

shams said...

Very nice!

sdBev said...

Lovely set. I too prefer for my outlayer to be longer than the underlayer

Janine said...

How lucky ! I bought some beautiful sweater knit for a cardy and was so pleased when I had enough for a little knit top which I wasnt expecting - I know buy a little extra so I can make a twinset.

Summer Flies said...

Very nice. I love twin sets!

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