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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Drape front cardigan

Not quite finished as a thread broke on the serger at an unhelpful point, but thought you would like to see the drape front cardigan out of the black and white stripe sweater knit.....
There's also a 3/4 sleeve scoop neck sweater cut out (but not yet sewn up) to make it into a modern sweater set.
Edited to add a little more about the pattern and construction.
The cardigan is based on New Look 6735 View A, the cardigan jacket. I had already altered this to deal with my forward head and shortened it for a previous cardigan. For this version I made a new pattern piece for the lower front and back (which I'm calling a peplum) as described in the last post - basically a rectangle the length of the hip circumference and the depth of the original waist to hip length, with squares added each end for the drapes. Then when cutting out I stopped the cardigan front and back at the waistline.
Construction order was as follows:-
- shoulder seams
- insert sleeves (flat)
- sew up sleeve and upper side seams
- sew 2 sections of peplum together.
- sew peplum to lower edge of cardigan
- sew 2 sections of neckband together.
- sew neckband to front of cardigan.

I've cut a version of the view B top to make it into a sweater set with the cardigan. I shortened the body and sleeves slightly to make sure it both fitted on the fabric and would not show longer than the cardigan. Hopefully I'll sort out rethreading the serger tonight and can sew up the matching top in the next day or two.

All sewn to the rather chilled strains of Lauridsen :-)


Debbie Cook said...

I like it! What's the pattern?

shams said...

Love! Pattern? Pattern? :)

kbenco said...

Looking good. I like the way the stripe emphasizes the angled bits at the front. Is this the Ruthie -alteration- to- regular- cardi pattern you were describing the other day? Very clever.

Sherril said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ruthie. I think I have that pattern AND a striped sweater knit to use. AND it's in the colors of my new mini-wardrobe. That's a great idea to use a stripe. I doubt if I'll get the time, but your new draped cardi is really nice.

KathyS said...

I have that pattern too and I love the way the changes look in a stripe. I see a draped cardi in my future. Thanks for the how-to instructions.

Joy said...

Very pretty. I like your "peplum" variation.

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Nothing but Blue Skies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nothing but Blue Skies said...

Ruthie! The cardi is absolutely TDF!!!

(edited out typo)