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Monday, 2 January 2012

SWAP sewing

Honest I AM starting on my SWAP.

So far I took the Autumn 6PAC fabric that didn't get made into anything and packed it away in two huge plastic boxes and stuffed them under the sewing table. Kinda sad as there's some boiled wool in there that didn't want packing away really and made a bit of a fuss when I tried to get the lid on, but we've a new season coming up, so it had to go away.

Then I fished out the 3 boxes of SWAP fabric and went through them getting out the knits that could be sewn with black thread. These are now on the ironing board waving at me. One - the black and white sweater knit - is laid out on the cutting board on the bed whilst I think how to get a cardigan and a top out of it. I'd initially planned a classic sweater set, but then decided I really wanted a cardigan with those draped hem points, so I've been investigating my RTW cardigans - and its really easy - so I will try to share my findings with you so you can make your own :-)

First up find yourself a pattern for a cardigan which consists of a front, back, sleeves and neckband as a starting point. Confirm the basic finished length you want (not including the hem points) and mark the hem and waist positions on your pattern. When you come to cut out the cardigan use theexisting pattern pieces for the sleeve and neck band, plus the front and back as far as the waist marker. Then cut a new piece for the lower body. This should run in the opposite direction for interest. The width is equivalent to the waist to hem length plus seam allowances. The length is equivalent to the waist length plus the waist to hem length twice. When you sew it together, pivot the peplum part at the centre front waist and sew it to the front band, this creates additional triangles at the side front giving the dipped hem. Easy but very effective.

If I get it to work I'll share a picture :-)