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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Craft Fayre Sewing

There will be 3 craft fayres through 2012 and I plan to supply goods for them all, and help sell when I can. The first one is Sat 3rd March, and clashes with a weekend away, so I'll just supply the goods and others will sell them. That might be quite good actually as it'll take the personal element out of it - ie the aspect where you want the person to buy because you made it, and it hurts a little bit when they don't. I'm hoping this will give me an idea of what to make more of and what to make less of. I'll need to label and price up in advance as well. I think I'll print on ordinary paper, cut up and hand sew with a bit of thread, though sticky labels could also work, and would be quicker!
The next one is on Sat 1st September. I might do a few extra 'new term' type things like pencil cases and tote bags for that one. And then Sat 1st December, the Christmas Fayre, which can have Christmas stockings, hot water bottole covers, and anything which might be a nice Christmas gift for someone. I'm also going to pot up my baby spider plants and sell them as well, nothing at all to do with sewing :-). The lady I'm sharing space with makes greeting cards and gift boxes, so hopefully we will complement one another well.
Do you think a service where you can have the initial of your choice handsewn onto a cushion would prove popular? I could have felt letters and spare felt ready and sew on with embroidery thread in their presence. I could only do this at the ones where I was actually there, so not something I have to decide for March.
Thanks Ruthie


Julie Culshaw said...

A friend of mine does an annual craft fair and sells her own sewing. What she finds moves fast is her pillows, these are decorative pillows. She does a lot of velvet that she embosses with rubber stamps. And fancies them up with trims. They can be expensive to make though.
She also finds scarves of all kinds sell well. And she made some button bracelets, threading many buttons onto elastic thread. They are quite pretty and use up all your old buttons. Little girls especially love them.

Julie Culshaw said...

Another idea I thought was incredibly cute was this button brooch.


It appears to be felt,cut into leaf shapes and then topped with a button.