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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Alterations to the Maybe pieces

After I purged my wardrobe and got rid of 6 bags to charity, I was left with a smaller pile of things I'd like to keep only they needed some sort of alteration. Generally I hate doing alterations so I am going to do this as a timed exercise. If I didn't like the pieces enough to have made the alterations by the end of April then they go in the next lot of charity bags.
Since this is a sewing blog I thought you might be interested in the alterations so I'll show each piece before and after (hanger shots only sorry) so you can see what I did.

2 useful books I'm reading which I'm finding helpful on the decluttering are "Organising from the Inside Out" by Julie Morgenstern and 'Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston. (I have older versions than the ones pictured above). Kingston's book is mostly about the clutter clearing, with some new-age stuff I'm not really into. Morgenstern's is much more practical about how to organise the stuff you do need to actually keep to have a normal life. I like the balance I get from flicking between the two.

One thing which came out from Kingston's book is that keeping broken, ill fitting or unfinished stuff in your house creates clutter and has a negative energy, and all those UFOs, things needing alterations or just plain fixing do indeed impinge on you and sap your energy. This applies quite a lot to clothing and sewing projects, but also to general household maintenance.


Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

Looking forward to seeing your alterations! It's strange how hard it is to make oneself alter, when the pay off can be so great.

Goodbye Valentino said...

Such an interesting comment you made about the negative energy that is created by things in need of repair. I'll remember that forever!
Alterations is my least favorite type of sewing. Two years ago I spent a week fixing my clothes in need of repair which made a huge difference in my life and wardrobe.
Thanks for your post!

Lynda said...

I'll be watching! I hate doing alterations and generally would much rather make something from scratch than try to alter.
Hope yours go quickly and easily.
I need to convince my hubby that getting rid of stuff will change the energy in the house. I fear if I die first they will eventually find his body buried in junk! LOL
Good luck with this!

Jo Frances said...

I so agree with this...however it manifests itself, there is something very draining about having broken or unwanted items around.