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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Remember to build in some down time

As a wise friend has said to me, you need to make sure you get some down time.

I gave the shelves one coat of white stain yesterday, and left it to dry.
Today though I think its all caught up with me as I have been going full speed for weeks, and have now come down with a virus/cold type thing and ended up asleep in bed for the afternoon exhausted.
Pace yourselves folks and don't overdo it!

Normal service will resume later in the week.
Ciao Ruthie


Ann said...

Ruthie, we all need to build in some down time. I am trying to do that with my rodeo clothes business as I need to relax or I don't sleep well.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Linda T said...

Yes, pace yourself, Ruthie. It will all wait for you in due time. Sorry you are not feeling well. Rest up!

Julie Culshaw said...

Ruthie, make sure your final coat on these shelves is something that will not leach into your fabrics.
Paint will be safe, but I am not so sure about stains. You might need to give a final coat of varethane over this.

KC said...

Feel better soon, then stay in bed another day after that!

Kyle said...

Well said!
Feel better soon!!

StephC said...

Good advice for me right now... I'm trying to dial it back slightly, too. It's hard though! My natural inclination is to go go go go.

Enjoy your down time. It's good.

Barbara said...

Take care Ruthie, I really have enjoyed your decluttering posts but yes you do need to pace yourself. Really enjoy your writing.