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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Continuing Chaos

The knock on effect of the new tables, lamps and pictures for the bedroom, was that I then moved the other furniture around and swapped mirrors, the clock etc from other rooms in the house. Then the traditional pink and green floral curtains looked wrong and have now been switched out for some plain olive green ones which I've been wanting to use for ages. These were too long, and I still have to shorten one of them.
The pin boards which I use to display my many necklaces have also had an overhaul with a lick of dark brown paint on the trim so they match the other dark brown items (still drying in the kitchen) and I still need to think through what should be where in a logical way, to make getting ready in the morning as easy as possible.
I've still not managed to dismantle the old warped desk in the sewing room/study as it is now stacked with things which were on the bookcases (now moved to the old dining room) and I'm away with work tomorrow.
I think this evening I shall prioritise the second curtain as the bedroom is strange without it. And it is important to keep the bedroom pleasant as this assists good sleep. I was so energized by the transformation I had trouble sleeping. Should sleep like a very tired person tonight.

I collected the Craft Fayre items today and was sad to see that almost nothing sold. Apparently the Craft Fayre was not as popular as the normal Food Fayre, and won't be running in September after all. So the next church outlet won't be until December. I don't want to stockpile fabric crafts until then, so need to find some other outlet for the pieces I have created.

Right off to shorten and press that second curtain and hang it.....

Back later!


RhondaBuss said...

You are on fire!! Congratulations on all the wonderful changes that are happening for you.

StephC said...

Wow! Sounds like you're kicking ass and taking names! (Want to come do that at my house?? It needs it...)