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Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Shelves

The old desk fitted into my car for the tip not firewood after all, and my parents came for lunch today and Dad constructed the shelves for me.
I've not made huge progress on the sorting and decluttering, though clearing half of the room for the shelving unit construction is probably quite an achievement.
Hopefully once the new shelves are in position and painted white I can use them as a place to sort onto. I'll evaluate the stash of fabric and sewing related items, choosing what to keep and putting it on the shelves.
Let's hope I'm in the right frame of mind for that!

Anyway off to find something to protect the carpet whilst I paint the shelves white.
Mum likes them wood colour, but I want to keep the room as light and neutral as possible and plan to paint some other furniture white also.


Ann said...

I too love the lightness of the wood but understand why you want to paint it white. All my mismatched pieces are white to keep it light and somewhat pulled together.

jemilyea said...

With white furniture, you don't have to dust as often! I have a lot of my furniture painted a semi-glossy white. It's easy to scrub it clean if necessary.

Jodi said...

If you plan on using bins that you slide on and off of the shelves, you might want to keep it natural, Ruthie. It's easy to nick through the paint.