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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Clutter Clearing Twist

Well my clutter clearing has taken a bit of a twist. It's sort of like it has a life of its own and I'm just assisting, but it must be coming from my brain!
Today I went to Dunelm Mill (UK interiors shop, not expensive) and bought two pictures, 2 lamps and 2 small tables for my bedroom, came home and reorganised my bedroom layout. I need to get things tidy again in there now, but it does make more sense than it did. The new pieces are more contemporary and give a fresh feeling to the room.

 I have also temporarily relocated my study into the dining room, so I can take the huge old warped desk apart to dispose of it. This works surprisingly well, except for the slight downside of now having no dining room. I did only use the dining room for the occasional dining with a guest and drying laundry, so I'm not sure whether I'll put it back to a dining room or not afterwards. I seem to be getting more use out of my home this way, so maybe I need a gateleg table I can erect for guests?


Ann said...

I think you are on a roll Ruthie. It may seem like hard work to start off with and then things get moving and it just takes off. Lovely items for your bedroom.

I really don't know how large your dining room is but if you can have a gateleg table to put up when you have company and enough places to put paper work, etc. when you have company, then your desk can be a side board for food. I think you are going to like this arrangement.

StephC said...

Gateleg tables are the best... THE BEST.

I love getting a chance to re-shuffle the house, and those new lamps are so cute! I vote for dining room= not for much actual dining. ;)

Jenny said...

I LOVE changeing around room layouts and room purposes. How exciting to find out what works best for you.

Carole said...

I would make your dining room into a study/library/dining room. Books are cozy! Gateleg tables are cozy! Dinners are cozy. It all fits together.