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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dining Table Solution

Today I purchased this vintage oak drop leaf table, very inexpensively at a local used furniture shop.
(The picture is taken in the shop, not my house).
I popped it into the car (I have a hatchback, great for things like this) and brought it home. It is now in the living room under my grandmother clock and I was pleased to find means I can sit at the table and still watch TV. So usable when eating alone with TV for company, as well as when guests come round.

This allows the former dining room to remain as my study, and releases the old study/sewing room to be almost completely for sewing! I may put the folding guest bed in the sewing room too. Making really good use of the whole house whether it is just for me, or when guests have come.

The pieces are rather a mix of styles, which is a tiny bit jarring, but I shall manage because its practical.


Julie Culshaw said...

A nice table, just call your style eclectic.

Lynda said...

I understand things aren't supposed to match any longer. That mixtures of various woods and textiles are the way to go, so you're probably right on top of the current styles!
Looks like a perfect solution!

L said...

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this experience on your blog. I've been meaning to cull some things from the basement and garage for a while now and your posts are encouraging me to do it. I generally get rid of things that aren't needed, but I haven't tackled the garage at all. Most of it contains things that belonged to my father. This year, the garage *will* be cleaned and culled! I'm getting rid of fabric and patterns too. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Ann said...

Love the table. As Julie said call your style eclectic. If you use a colour or two throughout the room it will help pull all the different furniture together. Enjoy!!

Jen said...

We have two such tables. Great as side/entrance tables and can easily be moved and opened up for extra dining surface.