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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas dress: paused

Well I have the fabric out for my Christmas dress, and the serger is threaded up in red. But I have no idea where the pattern is, so probably need to tidy up some more in the sewing room.
I have just been playing in there for weeks and bringing stuff in but let it get in a right mess.

The pattern I am planning to make up is my recent favourite knot front dress made up multiple times and therefore presumably left laying around the place.

Anyway whilst I go off and tidy the sewing room you can enjoy this irreverant Christmas thought!


Kay said...

Lol, brought me a chuckle!!! :)

Ann said...

I love that plaque. Hope you found your dress pattern.

Sandra said...

Ah, yes, my favorite way to find things: put things away. Actually, it's the only way I can find anything! Hope you find your pattern. If your serger is threaded, you are definitely ready to get to working on your new dress!