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Saturday, 29 December 2012

SWAP 2013: Narrow stripe top

This is another of the turtleneck tops, made from my modified pattern. This stripe fabric came from the stash to replace the printed stripe which had the stripes going up and down.

It doesn't have much stretch and was clearly cut from a tube quite roughly, so the edges are not parallel. However once I lined up the stripes rather than the edges the cutting out went fine.

Here's the original sketch of the narrow striped top :-
And here's what the completed top actually looks like :-
I'm not going to win any illustration prizes, but I think it gives a reasonably good impression of what the garment is likely to look like.
The hems are level in the photo, which shows how wonky I am, since those shoulder seams sit neatly on my shoulders when worn! You can just see a little bit of the centre back seam through the neckline, this is heavily curved to fit the sway back and round upper back, so looks a bit strange on a flat hanger. These tops are sooooooo comfortable, no tugging, gaping or cold gaps - fantastic.

Also part of SWAP is this red version with cuffs which I made in December, and is one of my previously sewn items.
I am using this one instead of the 'Lend Me Your Shoulder' top made from the same fabric, as the neckline will work better with the boiled wool jacket when I get around to making it.
The navy denim skirt which will be my other previously made item needs the back split fixing, and a light press and then I'll show that too.
Here's my progress to date :-

I'm away for the weekend/New Year so probably won't have anything more to post for a while. Hence why I am sewing like crazy whilst I have a couple of days to do so.

(Hopefully the cream curtain covering the fabric shelving makes a better backdrop than the bathroom door used previously, so I shall use this for the dreaded hanger shots going forwards. For the actual SWAP entry I shall have photos of me wearing the clothing.)


Dilliander said...

Gosh Ruthie, you are making quick progress with your SWAP! The tops and dress all look great. Have a wonderful NYE and all the best for 2013

twotoast said...

So far, so good! I have two tops and two skirts to share . . . with good light tomorrow I will take some pics.

I love the neckline you are using - my two tops have a similar one!

mulliga m said...

You've been buzy as a bee :-) I like your idea when you swap your illustrations to photos it makes it easy to see your progress in the SWAP.