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Friday, 14 December 2012

Red knit top

Here's my next piece of Christmas sewing.
A red knit top, constructed in the same way as the others of this style with the exception that it has separate cuffs to bring the sleeves down to full length and be nice and warm in cold weather.
The plan is to wear this either alone with jeans, trousers or the dark red skirt, or add a purchased red boiled wool jacket over the top.
The top is made from the remnant left over from my Rhonda Buss 'Lend Me Your Shoulder' top, and required some clever cutting and left only really small scraps, so I have definitely used my resources wisely there!
Here it is under the red boiled wool jacket - it ensures the wool doesn't touch my skin anywhere.
The top is based on New Look 6735, with forward head alteration, neckband replaced with a collar, and the sleeves lengthened and a cuff added. It's my base block I use for tops and dresses in a few different styles so doesn't bear much resembalnce these days to the pattern!


RhondaBuss said...

You will shine. What a beautiful color!

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...


Alison said...

How lovely - festive and warm!