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Sunday, 9 December 2012

More Christmas Sewing

I decided today I should do some mending jobs, so I sewed a button back onto a jacket, fixed a protruding underwire and moved on to more fun stuff.
I shortened an overly long red faux suede skirt, to just below the knee and added a bit of elastic in the back waist - much more wearable with knee high boots and a nice top.
Then I sewed the bells back on my reindeer antler headband.
And finally I sewed my sweetie a giant Christmas stocking from three different colours of fleece!
Next up a red Christmas dress. Will post results later in the week.


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Wow. Our sewing rooms sound similar over the weekend.

I put in two button holes with buttons. Did some minor-major organizing in my sewing/crafts closet. Altered a too-big-in-the-waist skirt. Shortened a jean skirt with a double row of stitching and whacked it off. Fluffed the raw edges with a toothbrush and will wash it to fringe. Finished three ornaments I had cross stitched. Finished a large, gorgeous "doily" I had worked on for five years. It's a fall wreath, cross stitched in colors depicting wheat, fall maple leaves, plaid ribbon, then berries of a sort of turquoise-gray. Very unique and turned out so beautifully. Surely had millions of stitches in it. I cut the project in a circle, backed it with another circle of 100% cotton, turned it right sides out, then pressed and stitched it closed. Then I embellished with a fringe-y upholstery-type, glossy trim, hand stitched all around. Went around it three times/three rows and no stitches show on the back. Went to bed Sunday night (I live in Manila) mumbling, "So pleased. Very, very pleased.

Look forward to seeing your next project!


SewRuthie said...

Wow Kelley you have been busy!

gwensews said...

You really have the Christmas spirit! Good Christmas sewing to you!

Sandra said...

Thanks for mentioning the mending, and good for you for getting a couple of those things taken care of. I fixed a blouse today. It will be next summer before I wear it, but at least now I don't have it staring at me every time I go into my sewing room. :)
And, Euthie, your super sized stocking is just perfect! I hope Santa has enough goodies to fill it!
Thanks for sharing your projects; I always enjoy reading about your sewing adventures.