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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mix-It 'designer' Tee two

Well actually this was the first one, but the fabric weights didn't work so I removed the sleeves and made some new ones.
Here's the finished tee.
There was slightly more of this print fabric so I was able to get the whole body and neckband from the print, but had to go with contrast sleeves (or could've had one sleeve!). Does it need some of the plain pink elsewhere as a trim or is it OK?

The first attempt used a slightly larger piece of fabric, but the pink was too coral, and the sweatshirt type fabric was too heavy with the very thin cotton of the print.
Hopefully you can see the heavy sleeves are pulling at the body and the colours are not a great match. Anyway this one is just some spare sleeves now!

Another tee using my own scraps is cut out ready for being sewn up.


RhondaBuss said...

I like the solid sleeves with the print. Looks great.

Mary said...

That is a good solution. I like the smaller sleeves as the others were pulling. My monitor didn't show the difference in color.