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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Teal Floral Mix-It Tee

Styalised teal floral print, with plain teal side panel inserts.
Here the lower front side and lower back side and cut in one, the upper side front and back also in one with a seam at the waist as this fitted better onto my fabric. This one was actually a lot fiddlier to construct then the others because it has no side seams, so I'm not sure I'll use the new pattern pieces much going forwards.
The teal fabric was left over from the turtleneck top I made for this year's SWAP but the floral print scrap has been in the stash for ages, and the original knot front tee was worn and worn until it wore out, so it is nice to have the print back again!
This was the original top (now sadly worn out and gone) and this is the plain teal turtleneck I just made for the SWAP.
It's great that the leftovers from both can become a new item!


BetsyV said...

These Mix-It Tees are really super, Ruthie! What a great idea!

KathyS said...

I'm loving your mix-it tee ideas. Thanks heaps.