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Thursday, 6 June 2013

More finished projects

I have been working through the boxes of items which need fixing, altering or finishing off, and wanted to share the latest ones.

First up this skirt made several years ago. Its only problem was the elastic had lost its stretch and needed replacing.
Its from this pattern from Prima magazine. The fabric is red in one direction and black in the other and great for Christmas dressy type occasions.
And I made this pattern last year as well when I sewed during the Olympics.

The other finished piece is from a mystery elastic waist pant pattern. For some unknown reason this was mostly constructed, needing only elastic in the waist, and the leg hems sewing.
Isn't the print fabric glorious? I think these will only be PJ or lounging at home type pants, but I do love them. The border fabric is, I think, acetate or similar and i suspect there is uncut yardage still in the stash wanting to be a maxidress.

More projects to come as they get finished off, fixed or otherwise sorted out!


Diana said...

Good for you. Both are very nice pieces. I should do the same and work on UFO's but I never get to it. Sigh!

Mary said...

What a sense of accomplishment you must have. Those lounging pants are so pretty, as is the skirt.

Jenni said...

The lounging pants are fabulous. And the skirt also, but the print on the pants is fab. I can totally see a maxi dress in that too. But I won't encourage you to start stash diving...

Ripple Dandelion said...

Yay for alterations! Good for the closet and the soul--these are such nice pieces.

Ruth said...

Ruthie, flowery pants are perfect for summer days out and about - don't keep them for home only. Check out Marcy Tilton's blog about party pants in Paris - you'll be making more!