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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Style vs fashion

I love this little video from
and agree the ladies are spot on.

I am unable to buy trousers in fashion shops at the moment (I can still buy walking gear from Craghoppers if I stick with certain cuts) but can wear my old ones or sew from some of my older sewing patterns.

However after a recent fruitless shopping trip with my mother, I did explain to the store manager that the reason we were not buying much was because none of the trousers fitted us. (I bought a zip up hoody from the men's department but for me).
I love making knit tops and knit dresses which fit me - forward head, rounded upper back, sway back and hips a size larger than upper body - I'm glad I can sew!

Red knit dress in progress, and may appear tomorrow.


Judith said...

My daughter has also picked up things from the men's department - the arms and body length are usually that bit longer for her.
As much as I would love to be able to prowl the shops and grab clothing off the rack, on whim, and wear it, I am so glad to be able to sew up what I like, in the colour I like, when and like, and know that it will always(fingers crossed) fit with a few body flaw tweaks! As you said, I'm glad I can sew...J

raleve jesica said...

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