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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Red PJ pants

I think I must have been having a bad day at work and 'needed' to buy fabric when I bought this several years ago. It is a very thin cotton knit with not much stretch in a scarily 1980s print from a discount rack on a stall at Leeds market. It was cheap and obviously gave me the comfort I needed at the time, but then it came home and went into the fabric stash. Its only reasonable use was for PJ pants, though what the heck kind of top it needs I have no idea.
Anyway they are constructed and the fit isn't too bad. They are oneseam pants from a Burda magazine patterm with elastic waist in a narrow casing and machine sewn hems.
I have fished out a skirt which needs shortening, 3 semi-wadders and some other red fabric,so should be able to sew a few things whilst the machines are threaded up in red.
The pattern I used was the non one-seam PJ pants #127 from Burda December 2007. I made them into one seams by overlapping the sideseams so they fit on my fabric and cutting out as a single piece. I appeared to have about a metre which wasn't long enough so I have teeny hems and a narrow elastic casing.


KayoticSewing said...

I have some of those bought-on-a-bad-day comfort fabrics too.

I like your idea of sewing fabrics that use the same color thread and am going to try that myself.

Ruthie, can you let me know which Burda issue has this one seam pant please?

Linda T said...

How about a black oversized T as as pj top to go with these?

Ann said...

A black or royal blue top would be perfect for those pj bottoms.

Jenni said...

A black and red top would look good.... made from scraps. hee hee.
I am really enjoying seeing the scrap tops you are making. I'm quite tempted to have a go myself.

Mary said...

Yes, I am sewing through some of my own "bad day comfort purchases" right now. I have a new skirt, a few tee shirts, and a pair of pj pants...all made from fabric I probably would not choose today.

I'd make a black, a blue, and a red tank to go with tose cute pjs.

RhondaBuss said...

I'm with Linda, a black t-shirt will be perfect! Cute pants.