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Monday, 17 June 2013

Mix-It 'designer' Tee

Despite having several shelves of my large shelving unit full of fabric, I am still somehow attracted to the challenge of making something useful out of the scraps of fabric left over from other things.
Woven scraps become cushions, pencil cases, hair scrunchies, shopping bags, aprons, pocket lining and waist band facings, but I wanted to find something to do with the knit scraps, and decided to do myself some 'designer' tees, known to me as a 'Mix it' garment, ie anything which mixes two different fabrics together.

These scraps came from a fellow sewer but I loved the almost animal print look of the patterned fabric, and teamed it up with a plain turquoise. Neither fabric was really enough to make anything alone, so I think it worked out well - two others are in progress and I will share later in the week.

If you like this idea, you need to take your favourite TNT tee shirt pattern, mark some side panels on the pattern, then retrace the pattern pieces addding the seam allowance back on, so that you have a centre front, and a side front, centre back and side back pattern piece. Then try and place the panels, sleeve and neckband pieces on your remnants of co-ordinating knit fabrics, choose a reasonably well matching thread, sew up and wear.

I machine stitched my panels together and then cover hemmed to keep the seams as flat as possible, though serged the side seams as normal.


Diana said...

Very nice use of scraps.Great looking top.

Janis said...

Perfect use of your scraps, Ruthie.

twotoast said...

Making clothes from my leftover fabric is like making things for free! Great idea - love this t-shirt!

Jenni said...

Really lovely. Doesn't look like scraps but looks very professional and designer.

Ann said...

Great use of the "scraps". The top looks a designer top. Enjoy wearing it.

Mary said...

Totally clever use of scraps-your stash will never get any smaller though! :-)