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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Autumn Sewing plans

I had all sorts of complicated plans for Autumn Sewing.
One involved sewing the Sewing Place SWAKOP, the sewing place tartan contest and the mate-your-orphan contest. Then maybe some burgundy pieves and a few other assorted items.
Another involved challenges by numbers of garments.
And a third assigning 'points' to each garment based on complexity. And having a points challenge.
I have not decided yet, and may well just stick to the 100 m challenge for the year!


Anne said...

I haven't managed any of the challenges etc so far even though I had intended to. So I'll stick to just seeing for myself if I get time. Too much pressure otherwise and this is supposed to be a fun hobby (well for me at least). I'm not you but if such to the stash reduction. Good luck with whatever you decide

Faye Lewis said...

I know whatever plans you make will be fabulous!