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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Burgundy faux leather trousers

I had some burgundy faux leather - dark red vinyl front with a black woven fabric back which I thought could be fun as trousers.
I'm fairly flat on the front, but very curved at the back, so used darts to bring the back in. It doesn't look great on the hanger as it needs a curved derriere to fill it out.
I used Burda Feb 2010 Plus Section #135 B but ommited the front dart and pockets for a simpler sew.
Having worn them for one evening indoors I found them very warm, so think they would be cooler to wear and more current if I shortened them to culotte length, I also want to look at some other options for the hem as it got slightly twisted. The rest of the construction worked out OK though.

Fun video on sewing faux leather