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Sunday, 14 October 2018

SWAKOP thoughts

I am keeping the SWAKOP rules in mind, though I find them quite complex.
The full rules are here but I've simplified them below.

1. Your collection should be a total of 10 garments.
2. You are allowed to include 1 RTW garment and 2 previously made garments (or, if you're like me and have hardly any RTW garments, 3 previously made garments).
3.  You should make 3 groups of 3 garments and one wild card.
- if you make trousers/skirts that will be worn with t-shirts/blouses/tunics, the bottom is an 'under' and the top is an 'over'

Group 1: 2 overs and 1 under
Group 2:2 overs and 1 under
Group 3:2 overs and 1 under - they must coordinate with either group 1 OR 2

Wild Card:Either an over or an under that coordinates with group 1 AND 2

Finish by October 31st. Submission posts need to be up by November 5th.
I had been trying to expand my charcoal collection to be the SWAKOP but I was finding it all a bit samey and rather dreary being mostly grey.
I thought about combining it with the Burgundy but that wasn't working either.
I'm probably going to have more luck expanding my Burgundy Autumn Collection with some new bottoms. I should be able to get that completed by 31st October.

There is also an 'extension' to SWAKOP which runs through to December 10th, so I could revisit the Charcoal collection, inject a LOT more teal and try to be finished for then. It could work!


andib said...

Thanks Ruth , for posting a simplified SWKOP. It makes more sense to me. Also an easier way to distinguish a travel wardrobe. You motivate me to sew!thanks!

Anne said...

That makes sense that way. I'm surprised the grey and burgundy don't work together. Teal and grey will look good. I like your burgundy tops too. You have some marvellous pieces in both collections.