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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Burgundy Autumn Collection: Top 1

I decided to build on the Burgundy coatigan and sew a small burgundy based collection for the Autumn.
I started with this abstract plaid check print in dark red, black and white. (I first used this fabric in June 2010 when I made a dress with black bands, it never quite worked and is long gone).
There was some fabric left which I had kept so I sewed it up as a top. I chose not to do contrast bands this time although I have both solid black and dark red which could have been used.
I think I might use this as my entry into the TSP Plaid contest. The photo doesn't show it, but the print does align across the centre back seam and side seams. I think this will work well for work with black trousers and a burgundy jacket (I have RTW as well as self sewn).
I have used the top from New look 6735, though I've added a little at the sides to reflect the looser fit in knit tops since this pattern came out.
I have some more fabrics to sew up in my Autumn collection though the others are not quite so bold!


Alison said...

I really like that fabric, while it is a bold print, it coordinates so beautifully with burgundy and black that you will look quite lovely. I think that not adding contrasting bands to the top was a good choice, since there is enough going on with the print that it doesn't need extra accents.

Carol in Denver said...

That will be a very attractive outfit with either black or dark red. Good start on the cold-weather sewing.