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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blind hem foot for Janome Memory Craft 4000

I promised DH that I would sew curtains for the living room in the new house - it currently has annoying dark yet see through blinds which get jammed on the window catches and are going to be replaced by curtains in old gold with script writing. In the past my curtains have been low tech with a plain machined hem, but in the new house, and generally in my sewing now, I am trying to step up a level and produce a better quality product.
Since I am unwilling to hand sew curtian hems I thought I had better learn how to use a blind hem.
So I watched to a video on youtube from a link on 'http://sewingontheedge.blogspot.com/'
If you want to see the link it is 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdKe9crSHac'.
Then I went off searching for the blind hem foot for my machine (Janome Memory Craft 4000) online only to find that it comes as standard with the machine!
If you have a Janome Memory Craft 4000, the blind hem foot looks like this (see pic). So I will have a go with a few samples first and then work round shortening some of the existing curtains (from the other house) which are way too long, and are just hanging down covering half of the radiators here. By the time I actually make the new curtains I should be quite good at using the foot.

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Sharon said...

I finally mastered the blind hem foot for the same reason you are, curtains from old home too long for the windows so practised on those so when I started on the new ones for the rest of the house the blind hem foot was second nature.