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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fabric Sort

I had my initial quick go through my fabric today and put 2 large boxes of fabric to go which I am pleased about. One is home dec stuff for a friend who makes and sells bags, and the other for a dressmaking friend who can wear pink, navy and grey (which are not great colours on me)

There were two bags of home dec I did not tackle but most of that will go to the bag making friend once I have checked its not needed.

I've not swatched anything more yet, and there are surely some scraps that can go but I was pleased with my first pass.
I did get a little sidetracked petting some of the fabric which I greeted as a lost friend when I found it.
There were also a few pieces I have no recollection of buying so most of those are being given away.

There is scope to get rid of more but today was a quick sort of stuff I could definitely live life without, so thats good. I can go through being more picky on another day.

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