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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Next garment

My next planned garment is to test New Look 6516 in stash fabric (turquoise/textured) before I go ahead and make it up in my striped suiting.
So far I have read the pattern instructions and nothing more. I was pleased to see that the instructions are for a bagged lining - wo hoo! the pattern companies have joined modern times!

The jacket is going to be made from a textured fabric which is bright turquoise woven with black - the result a slightly flecked turquoise (still pretty bright) which I love. It'll also have a turquoise lining, because hey if its gonna be turquoise it might as well be stonkingly turquoise!

And I think I am going to add a centre back seam too, because I really need to be able to fine tune the fit at the back neck and just below the waist. I plan to do view E without the ribbon trim (too much fuss for me) and with a frog fastening of some sort.

I have loads of the turquoise fabric, so could have a whole turquoise suit - not sure if that would just be scary bright and too much, or of actually that's quite me and the office will just have to get used to it.....

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