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Friday, 2 January 2009


The pinstripe pants are looking good, need the facing stitching down by hand, and the pant legs hand hemming (which takes me ages, but I know looks good, and I am trying to up my presentation a notch this year.)

I brought my fabric stash back from offsite storage today though I have not been through it at all yet. It is stacked in boxes in the garage so at least I can access it.
I am going to go through it and put some stuff as give away to my sewing friends, some for muslins, and everything in generally smaller boxes so they are more manageable.
Some less exciting fabric had been stored elsewhere so I will amalgamate it all (which I am sure will horrify poor DH).

Meanwhile the bedroom wall which was dark blue is now 'Old Gold' which I like much better, though it needed four coats of paint to get to that (two magnolia to cover the dark blue, and two gold to get even coverage).

I think my next item will be the jacket pattern sewn up in turquoise slubbed fabric to test if I want to use that pattern for the final pinstripe fabric. I kinda fancy doing matching pants but I probably would not wear them!

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