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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sew Hip magazine

I picked up a copy of the new UK sewing magazine 'Sew Hip' - this is the February 2009 edition.
The sewing level in it is pretty basic, and it is rather Cath Kidson florals but I like the fact that it had a variety of fabric based projects including some for little boys. I don't have kids myself but do have nephews and a godson so could see myself making up as little gifts for them.

If going forward there is one project each edition I would do, I am going to buy it, just to encourage the magazine. More and more these days if I want a store or magazine to still be there I go and buy it or something from the store.

Projects I really liked - There is a Joli Cube Bag by Heidi Messinghall which is fun, but my sort of handcrafted and a Union Jack cushion by Janet Clare which is fun but not too flowery.

There are some other interesting projects, but none where I am wondering if I can rearrange what I planned for this evening to have a go at them though I might revisit at a later date.

There's a nice emphasis on recycling old clothing and fabric into new stuff which fits with my personal ethos and makes sense in the current economic climate.

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