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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Turquoise pants almost done

The turquoise pants are done except for the hems. I tried them on and the fit on these is as good as the other 2 pairs from this pattern.

I have enjoyed sewing them, the colour has been a real boost in the arm as the weather is miserable here at the moment. Part of me did wonder if turquoise pants are just too crazy and if I will wear them, but when I tried them on I went to my wardrobe and pulled out a few items to see what I had to wear with them (if anything). And without too much hunting I found 5 tops which work with the pants - both the knit tops I sewed already for the SWAP, two RTW knit tops I already own plus a sweater, so I dare say they are not such a crazy item after all. Real life will show if I reach for them out of the wardrobe when getting dressed :-) I suspect they will see more use for dressy occasions (e.g. weddings) or in the summer than this time of year. I can see them working well with a white top and brown leather sandals, bag, belt etc, so maybe I will add belt loops for said belt.

Anyway hems and picture tomorrow and then I will start on the matching jacket, which will give me a funky suit if worn together but also be wearable as separates too I hope.

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