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Monday, 25 May 2009

Ivory threaded and ready to go

The serger and sewing machine are now both threaded up in Ivory, ready to go on the next project, but I am pretty tired now and back at work tomorrow, so I am calling it quits for today.

I think as my evening time is fairly limited it will take me two evenings to finish the ivory knot front knit top, as unlike Yorkshire Lass I don't sew in the morning before work as well (!). Jenni sweetie I don't know how you do it, it takes all my energy to find matching shoes and my car keys

Once that top is done though I have done all I originally planned for the WiaW, though I may add in some extras in terms of alterations or refashioning projects which also use the Ivory thread.


gwensews said...

Love that orange top! Good luck with the ivory one.

Jenni said...

The trick to morning sewing is being able to walk fast enough to catch up the ten minutes you lost because you just had to iron the last seam before you went to work. :)