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Monday, 18 May 2009

Other stuff

Since I am paused on sewing up the WiaW items until Friday I thought of a few things I might do in the evenings before then
1. Finish off the UFO trousers I took apart to make them fit - charcoal grey and kinda boring but would be useful, not very summery though.
2. Make curtains for the study from the leaf print fabric. I have some old curtains up now for privacy so other being being bland and dated, no desperate rush on those. Though I dare say once the new curtains are done and up there will be a ripple effect and I will sort papers and do other useful study related things.
3. Repurpose some costume jewellery from my drawer, and/or make new from my stash of beads. This would make a nice break from sewing, and its one heck of a scary drawer of tangled beads! Since moving I seem to wear a few pairs of earrings and hardly any of my necklaces as i could never find anything. A good sort and a bit of customisation might mean I get some nice pieces to wear.

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gwensews said...

I like how you have your plan in place, on paper and know what you're going to do. Very efficient.