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Friday, 22 May 2009

Wardrobe In A Week - Second Garment Sewn

My second garment for Wardrobe In A Week is now complete.
This is another Loes Hinse 5007 Gore skirt, exactly the same 6 gores + 6 godets, same elastic and waist treatment, but my how different it looks in different fabric.
This is a dark brown polyester jacquard fabric with a pattern woven in variegated red and gold thread (which appears orange from a distance). I have topstitched all the seams in orange, though it blends rather with the background!

Sadly its a little loose at the waist (and the elastic is stitched down in a LOT of places so the seam ripper will be in action later).

I think this fabric is right on the border of the weight for this style.

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