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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Burda December arrived

December's Burda Style Magazine arrived, on 7th December so not too terrible I suppose.
Its been in the shops for weeks though which makes me slightly grumpy.
I only have one more magazine left and then am not going to renew my subscription despite the begging letters.
Apparently it would be E82.27 (Euros) though whether that is a saving on the cover price of £4.75 I am not sure. The poor delivery times are more of an issue to me.

I also to need brush up on my German a bit so I can read the Burda website instead of having to go on the completely rubbish Burda Style English language one which has different stuff!

Anyway enough of that, what things do I like..... well I am really liking draped sleeves from View 102.

The boiled wool (loden) skirt view 124
The plus Fur Bolero view 125
Maybe THE design for the red faux fur.......


MushyWear said...

I'm still waiting for my issue. Hope it gets here soon. I also ordered more tracing paper. I am totally out of it. Maybe they will arrive together. That would be nice!

Sheryll said...

I'm loving the look of that dress - I can't decide if I prefer the long or short sleeve, so would have to make both!

Jenni said...

Oooh a red fur bolero. Absolutely perfect for the christmas party. Or would it be a bit too warm?

SewRuthie said...

It might be a bit too over the top as well Jenni. the two I have left are a quiet meal where they were planning on wearing jeans and an evening in the German beer tent in Leeds. Neither sounds very red fur bolero-ish.

Carolyn said...

I am really liking the draped sleeves on that first design too...