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Sunday, 12 December 2010

To SWAP or not to SWAP?

As you know I love sewing co-ordinated wardrobes and SWAP (sewing with a plan) is the classic home of this. Even though Julie Culshaw of Timmel fabrics closed her business, the SWAP lives on at Stitcher's Guild and 2011 is the 8th year of the SWAP contest.
Each year there is a new twist on the original approach, which go in different directions and are meant to take the challenge on further. I have participated for multiple years in a row.
SWAP on stitchers guild

I'm probably not going to particiapte this year as I am moving in February, and between Christmas and Easter will have just a table in the bedroom for the sewing space. I will still be sewing I am sure as its a great stress buster and creative outlet but I need to be able to sew at my own pace the things I want to sew.
Anyway if I find that after Feb I have loads of time to sew then maybe I'll suddenly catch up and be producing garments but somehow I doubt it.

Interestingly in 2011 Pattern Review have left out their full wardrobe contest from the list. Theirs had 10 pieces not 11, but I think it was still too many for a lot of people to participate. They will still be running the mini-wardrobe contest in 2011 (in March), though they are not repeating the Endless Combinations in 2011, the 2010 Endless Combinations is running now and finishes on Tuesday 14th December.

Open to anyone with no prizes other than camerarderie and the garments you produce is Elizabeth's 6 piece collection sew along on Stitchers Guild. I try to play along with this every season if nothing else, though I bend the rules to suit me something shocking, making dresses in winter and leaving out the coat etc as I fancy. Elizabeth is very understanding about this, which I appreciate, and I may even come into line one season.

I have been slowly working on a small collection I call 'Winter Berries', but so far have only made 2 black items (shrug, trousers), not really seeing much of the Berries yet. It's supposed to have a black skirt, a print dress, a knit top and some other stuff which will be red, but I'm not getting a huge amount of sewing time at the moment.

I am away with work 4 days next week, so there may well be a big lot of nothing on the blog for a while.


Carolyn said...

Thankyou for the heads-up on the PR contests. I've not been one for entering contests yet, but maybe 2011 is the year I should have a go!
Your wardrobes are so inspiring!!

Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

Your ensembles are the best put together sewn coordinates I've seen out here... you have such a knack for pulling things together. Your work reminds me of a designer's "line".

Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

oh... and thanks for clarifying the meaning of "swap" ... when I read this term in the past, I thought you all actually "swapped" sewn items with one another (like I've done in other art forums). I just recently joined the Stitch Guild, and wow, there's a lot going on out there. Cool.

Jen said...

Hi Ruthie, you were the only poster and have won the pattern, let me know which you'd like and in which size and your mailing address. You can email me at: jennifersteynAThotmailDOTcom.

I also moved during my 1st SWAP 2 years ago and it is very difficult. Needless to say I didn't finish. By the way...I just adore your names for your collections, "Winter Berries" is perfect.

Mary Nanna said...

I have tried and failed at swaps, I just don't have the discipline and concentration required. I am not surprised PR got rid of the 10 piece one, I got to 7 pieces and my enthusiasm died. Of all the people who enrolled in the contest only a fraction actually completed.

The endless combinations is a good idea so I'm surprised to see it has gone. It looks like the competition is heading more for individual items that wardrobe pieces (with the exception of the mini wardrobe). Perhaps that reflects the time people have available.

Michelle said...

I like the idea of SWAPs, but I have trouble keeping up with the discipline necessary to get all the way through. Also, the rules associated with the stitcher's guild swap this year mean that I would just be adding unnecessary things to the garments just to meet the requirement of using a new technique on each.

Rhoto said...

"..so there may well be a big lot of nothing on the blog for a while."
Then you'll MATCH the majority of us other Bloggers, Ruthie!!
Wish I could come over and help ya with your move--I've got EXPERIENCE!! (37xs :( )