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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Serger woes

I AM supposed to be sewing, but on my last garment I stupidly allowed the serger to run out of thread on one of the spools. This evening I decided just to thread the missing spool up, and then to replace the other low spools, and ended up in a terrible mess. After 6 rethreadings (the last two with the book in front of me) I still cannot get it to make the stitch.
After a long and tiring week I think I am just going to call it quits for today, but am frustrated becuase I had an hour to sew this evening, which is now lost.
The plan is to make the black herringbone trousers as I have now cut the missing pocket linings out.
Maybe I should fuse the interfacing to the waistband pieces and have a hot bath with Lavender bath salts and go to bed early. I might wake up a bit more with it and be able to get the darn thing to sew.
Obviously no more garments will be produced until this gets resolved, or I return to the old serger in a fit of pique.
(The older serger is still in the sewing room and has threads attached to make it easy to rethread.
Perhaps if I went back to using it the new serger would feel bad and start co-operating again?
I fear that it is actually operator error and not the fault of any of the machines.


Jodi said...

Ruthie, I have had Love / Hate relationships with both of my sergers. What's the model of the one you are having trouble with? Are you getting it threaded properly and the lower looper unthreads when you start stitching? If so, I find that if I rethread and make sure that I draw the lower looper thread UNDER the upper looper thread and then pull both tails under the foot and off to the left that that solves the issue. Of course if this isn't your problem, that's no help at all! I think you need to throw in a glass of wine with that soak in the tub...

Jodi said...
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Jenni said...

How frustrating. I am sure you know this, but thread the loopers first and then make sure they aren't fouling each other before threading the needles. Mine usually pitches a fit if the thread from the lower looper gets across the top of the upper looper and fouls it. It can do this even if I have very carefully threaded according to the diagram.
Good luck with it this morning. Its only a machine and you WILL prevail over it.

Unknown said...

I hope your serger plays nice when you start sewing again. You make such great clothes.