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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Knit dress - timed out for now

I was hoping to make the crazy print knit into a dress, but other life stuff needing doing and I've not had chance to sew.
Instead I've pulled various bits out of the wardrobe to assemble a suitable outfit based around a plain black RTW knit dress. The dress is boring but I am planning on wearing it with the black velvet bolero, black velvet heeled knee boots, my red leather jacket, a red pashmina and 3 red necklaces - they are all different lengths but have similar colours/ bead shapes, and make an overall nice chunky look. I have a red flower for my hair as well, and will make a bit of effort with makeup. The print dress will have to do for another occasion I suppose.


Rhoto said...

Now THIS I'd love ta see!! Photos! Photos ;)

Jenni said...

Pity about the print dress, but the black and red outfit sounds fabulously chic.