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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sewing With A Plan : Dec 26th 2010 to April 30th 2011

The annual Sewing With A Plan contest hosted at Stitchers Guild kicks off on December 26th. This has the short name of SWAP, but its the initials of the contest and not about swapping anything, you get to keep everything you sew.
To participate you don't have to buy anything from anyone, just go and become a member of Stitchers Guild, and post on the SWAP discussion thread.

As Pattern Review are NOT doing a full wardrobe contest this year, this is the only contest out there that I know of to sew your own whole collection. Obviously you can use any commercial sewing patterns, tried and tested old favourites, self drafted etc and any fabric of your choice as long as you meet the requirements of garments in the rules. The twist this year is to push yourself slightly on techniques, and to perfect or learn new techniques which you use on 8 of the 11 garments.
Go read up the rules and the replies by the fabulous DragonLady to see the details of what's in scope for the techniques area.

I'm packing up and moving during the early part of this contest (and potentially again at the very end) so will probably not be able to participate all the way through, though I shall still have a good go, making sure that laptop and sewing machines get unpacked first at every location!

If you'd like to see more the photos of the last 2 years entries are in Ann Rowley's Flickr set
SWAP 2010
SWAP 2009


Mary Nanna said...

I love the idea of swaps, and I admire your discipline in completing them, but I have never been able to commit myself before. Good luck and hope you shift goes well.

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing your swap collection. You always have a good eye and select workable pieces Ruthie.