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Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter Berries Collection: Black Herringbone Trousers completed

The Black Herringbone Trousers from the Winter Berries Collection are completed but not photographed yet.
They've come out quite well and I am pleased with them. I hope they will be a workhorse item in the wardrobe.
I think the black pencil skirt will be up next or maybe the mad print dress, actually yes the mad print dress would be good.

I now have less than 10 weeks until I move so I should be thinking more about packing and less about mad print dresses, but there you are.....

Here's the fabric for the mad print dress so you can see why it is so called.
 The coin is a British 50 pence coin, and I dare say as useful to any American readers as a quarter is to me when shown to indicate scale. The 50p is quite a big coin, so I think you can tell that its a huge and crazy print, and therefore strangely suitable for a Ruthie.
I might even wear it to one of my up coming Christmas meals out with black velvet knee boots, red lipstick and quite a lot of attitude.


Sharon said...

Go for it Ruthie, that will be a stunning dress.

jemilyea said...

Hello, Ruthie. I'm delurking to comment on using coins for scale. I'd never stopped to realize American quarters on fabric doesn't mean anything to you! I just went and dug out some British coins from stored luggage. The American quarter lines up nicely between a one pound coin and a 2p coin. I don't have a 10p coin, but if I remember correctly, it was the coin I usually picked up, thinking it would be worth 25p because it looked so much like our 25-cent coin. Yes, if that's a 50p coin in your photo, that is a large print!

Also, congratulations on winning the PR contest!