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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Some progress to report

Since Sunday I have added elastic into the back of the contour waistband of some purchase suit trousers which I then wore to work. They were fine so I see that as a success. It was however too hot to wear the matching jacket, which is sort of the point of a suit.

I have also cut out and partially constructed some trousers from charcoal grey linen with pinstripes. They need hems and a waistband casing which I hope to do tomorrow evening.

Pace is slow in the heat but I decided slow progress with an encouraging result is better than no progress at all, so I've been doing 20-60 min chunks when I get chance.

I found some charcoal grey knit that co-ordinates well and could be a cardigan, and I'm eyeing up the smallish scraps left over from the trousers and wondering what I could do with them. Too small for a skirt or shorts, options include a waistcoat(vest), top or front for a mixed media jacket. I think I'll probably iron the scraps and contemplate my options, maybe even make the plain charcoal cardigan first and see what the scraps from both want to be....

I still have SWAKOP in my mind long the lines of

(trousers + top + jacket/cardigan) x 3 + coat as my formula

I have finished the new linen trousers, but now it is dark so no photo.

It was 31 degrees C when I got home from work at 6pm! Its still 26.5 degrees C in the bedroom, but I still have to try to sleep as I have work tomorrow. I may have to to try and sleep with the fan on despite it being old and making a noise like a small aircraft taking off.
Thunderstorms are due for the region but seem to be going around my town unfortunately.

It is even hotter down south so can't imagine how unpleasant it must be for people in London etc.

Must buy new fan in the winter for next summer (fans are out of stock everywhere so no chance to buy a new one now).

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