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Monday, 16 July 2018

My latest pieces - not a PAC or collection

As you might have noticed I like to sew things i collections and will join in with any SWAP, 6PAC or other wardrobing approach going.
However the last few weeks have not gone to this plan for some reason.

The trousers and cardigan jacket go together. (Dark grey with teal pinstripes). The start of SWAKOP at The Sewing Place.
But neither top work with them.
Blued teal with brown, which is a rework piece and a continuation of SWAP at SG.
and coloured stripes on ivory which used ivory thread and felt relaxed and summery.
Or with the other pair of trousers (grey and blue checks) because the fabric was the perfect size for the trousers pattern.
All the new pieces do go with other garments in my wardrobe, except maybe these blue and grey checked trousers, which are also winter weight!

Oh dear. Don't do this!!!

I'm not quite sure what sewing muse wants to sew next, I fancied more tops but they don't go with anything above.....

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