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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Charcoal Pinstripe Linen Trousers

A few days ago I finished sewing the charcoal grey pinstripe linen trousers.
This is using New Look 6216 again as it is working so well for me at the moment.

My SWAKOP is finally beginning to form. I decided that if I kept charcoal grey as the key theme I could have
Charcoal grey with teal pinstripes - trousers and cardigan jacket
some sort of teal top to make up that pod

Then Charcoal grey pinstripe linen trousers with a soft waistcoat from the scraps
some sort of coloured top to make up that pod

Then the Charcoal grey checked trousers with a charcoal grey cardigan and probably a white top for the final pod.

And then some sort of dark grey coat to go over the top

As a detour I am currently sewing some brown trousers but plan to do the waistcoat and cardigan next before working on the various tops.
The downside of all the charcoal grey is it all looks a bit similar in hanger photos.

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