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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Summer Sewing

Its really hot at the moment for a large proportion of the UK. Of course by hot, I mean hot by our standards, so not very for other people. However our homes and meeting places are set up for more moderate temps. My local water company is sending me texts asking me to use less water, and I've started wondering about getting a way to recycle water from the shower for the garden.

Normally the summer is about 2 weeks in my area, so not a lot of summer clothes are required. I have more causal hot weather clothes and take them away on holiday to warmer climes. I am quite short of summer tops which a suitable for work, and want to run full loads in the washing machine so can't keep washing the few I have.

Of course you can see that this is leading to a sewing challenge. I think I need to have a look in the fabric resources and see what I have that would make a simple cool top for work. One favourite shirt made a rather nasty ripping noise yesterday so I suspect that one is gone now.

Off to peruse the fabric cupboard.

I may try to fit this into an existing sew along.

Artisan Square have a  SUMMER 2018 6PAC (6-PIECE SEW ALONG) : 1 May 2018 to 31 July 2018

And they also have a NEW follow on from SWAP for a Summer Sew-A-Long: Weekend Travel Wardrobe
Ready for a vacation, SG style? Come join us for a travel themed Sew-A-Long. Open for all registered members; subscribed or not. 

Meanwhile The Sewing Place has SWAKOP
Sewing With A Kind Of Plan - SWAKOP our first wardrobing competition

As I gained weight whilst I have had the Vertigo problems I am probably needing to dress more like a H shape.
So the simplest solution might be to make some darker tops out of thinner fabrics to make columns with my existing trousers, and then add a necklace for interest, with an open fronted jacket for the office air con (a bit variable).


Alison said...

I've been reading about your heat wave, and commiserating from afar... around here we also are not really set up for deep heat, as most homes are not air conditioned etc, so when it hits, we suffer.

I do have a small suggestion that might help with gathering shower water etc for garden use. While I have not found a way to replumb my shower or sink to water the yard, what I do here at Acorn Cottage is any time that I am running the water to let it warm up, as for washing dishes or showering, I first run the water into a large pan if in the kitchen or a pail, if in the tub/shower, until it is warm/hot. The water in the pan or pail (which is only ever lukewarm at best since it started out cold) then gets poured into a bucket, which I then use to water outdoors. It is really surprising how much water can be accummulated this way.

The other thing that I do, with my baby trees, though it could work for other plants as well, is that I have special "watering buckets" for them. A large bucket set on the ground near the roots, with one or two small holes drilled in the bottom, a brick or stone to keep it from blowing away when empty, and either a lid, or bug screening across the top to keep mosquitos from breeding. I pour it full of water once or twice a week, and all the water drips down to the roots instead of evaporating.

SewRuthie said...

Thanks Alison the bowl and bucket suggestion could work for sure.

Faye Lewis said...

Can't wait to see your new summer swaps.