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Thursday, 12 July 2018

What to sew next?

I really enjoyed the first 7 lace curtains and then pushed myself to sew the last 3 to finish all the upstairs. Complete is good but lost the joy a little.

So now I am free to sew whatever strikes my fancy and I'm not sure where to look. Lots of options but nothing really grabbing me.

I could sew some more pieces for SWAKOP at The Sewing Place, as so far I have made trousers and a cardigan jacket. I fancy some teal based tops, some teal trousers.

Or I could challenge myself a little and do something for The Sewing Place's Upcycle contest. I have a few things stashed away for this. Perhaps if I get them out the cupboard something will inspire me.

Stitchers Guild has the summer 6PAC. I could do something with that set of guidelines

or I could try the MAGAM challenges. I'm late for June but could still use it as inspiration and sew up some of the fabric I bought in Madeira.

 Or move on and do the July and August challenges.

The animal print top shrank excessively in the first wash (so I'd obviously NOT prewashed the fabric). It is now a comedy top and unwearable. I then washed the reamining fabric which also shrank. I could see how I could make a new top from the scraps and the garment.
This would perhaps not be that exciting, but it would fix an annoying thing that's gnawing away a little.

I have a few RTW alterations to make so my trousers don't fall down, in particular some suit trousers of a suit it would be nice to wear. Also a bit annoying, also very useful to get done.

I have my eye on some StyleArc patterns, so I could bite the bullet and get those and sew something inspired by the new patterns. Here were the ones that appealed to me.
I also have a woven shirt that needs mending.

Some more cool summer tops would be nice to have for the next 6 weeks or so, and maybe some new summer PJs.

How to decide what to do next?

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